Friday, May 14, 2010

New Camera!

I recently received a new camera from Cody! So I can finally document my blogs! I am moving right along with this blogging stuff! There has been a lot going on so I blame that on my lack of blogging. (Sounds like a good excuse right...?) So I'll narrate you through this blog as entertainingly as possible...

Yep this crazy juice was WELL needed before the bridal shower! Check out Baby Lisa's blog for the accurate version of the commotion that lead to the shower!

Baby B and Soni! The only 2 beautiful brunette granddaughters on the Madden side. They are extra special to grandma Ruth!

Baby Lisa, Naynie, and Baby B! B was NOT a fan of her feet touching the grass. Naynie say they are working on it. Which means they walk her out to the middle of the yard, walk away and make her walk to them! It sounds much cuter coming from Naynie!! Auntie J this is ONE of your reminders ***Print off for Soni!!*** Just looking out for that thinker of yours! ha! Love ya!

This is my dear, dear Sophie that I had in my class all year long! I always told Sophie she reminded me of myself when I was younger. She just grinned and giggled!

This here is Tay'Rhon. He was a sweet, sweet, sweeeeetheart! His momma is over seas in the Army and he is the BIGGEST cuddle bug after nap time.

L to R: Kayse and Madison. I asked Madison if the bad girl came that day and she said NO my mind is still on my cot, taking a nap, and I was NOT ready to get up!! And then there is Kayse....oh Kayse.....we went round and round all year long. She was as stubborn as a bull with one eye. But she could play the momma role so well during Center's time. She has a big heart!

Nathan and Darren! These two could nooooot be separated. They called eachother Buds, I could eat them! We had a heart to heart in the middle of the trike track one day. Nathan asked me if I was a mommy. I answered him and said no, but one day I will be. Darren replied, Good because you'll be a great mommy, your kind of like my school mommy. I just absolutely loved them to pieces, we had very mature conversations on a regular basis.

Happy 6th Month Anniversary to us! November 14th. (I'm starting to sound like Stacey!) I got treated to a PBR 2 weekends ago and this past weekend we celebrated at the Zoo! He is a go, go, getter! I try to keep up with him! He is celebrating his graduation as well this weekend along with Stacey and GG. Soon to be firefighter...I don't know if I'm excited about going into the burning building business but he loves it so I'll be the support/prayer system!

Cody was most excited to see the North American animals. He is a true hunter. You can only look at deer so long!

This is for you Reedy Bob!! You were my little tiger!

Inside the jungle... sweating our buns off!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh the Discoveries!

So I have discovered the things that college has taught me, some being mind growing, money making, and well the you'll get the picture!

#1 Needing daddy around to be your Mr. Fix it, and always accepting hugs, (wanted or not!)

#2 Having the BEST 3 meals a day, all you can eat! The exception it not being Momma T's food of course!

#3 Never having to hear "Haley your room is a Pigs "Eye"

#4 Learning you can REALLY can make money donating Plasma! Who knew?!? I became $40 richer today!

#5 Missing having a BIG bed to sleep in, or crawling in with mom even if it's 8:30 at night...on a Friday night...!

#6 Living in a hotel (Ford Hall) and always having someone to chat with or run errands with.

#7 Missing my PB&J Kisses kiddos like crazy!

#8 Not having siblings around to gang up on and poke fun at but I think us girls have done that pretty well here on the 6th floor!

#9 Being speedy quick in R parking lot so you don't get stuck out by Bill Snyder stadium. Thank goodness winter is over, those walks got COLD!

#10 Learning so many different life lessons, experiences endless opportunities, meeting life long friends, and knowing I still get to go home after all the fun!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here I Am Again!

Here I am again!-I think that was said by Josh but I find myself saying that a lot walking into my preschool class room, blogging, going home to Ma and Pa, or going to see Cody. Repetition IS a good thing.

I had a fabulous weekend at home in Ozland. It was a breath of fresh air and a well needed mini weekend with the fam. I can't believe how much greener Ozland is then Manhattan, must be a sign. So thanks to dads awesome grass growing skills, the grass brings me home, and will be bringing me home again this coming weekend for a weekend full of fun festivities ( I can here my momma saying "try to say that 5 times fast!") I have Laceys Bach party Friday night so I get to go home early Thursday to do some last minute shopping and cake making with Kort and Friday will be busy busy and a late night! Saturday will be just as fun as I get to watch my not so baby sister :( dress up and go to a PROM! I cannot believe it! I received a picture on my phone of her dress, which is FABULOUS, when I was in Clearwater and I had no one to rant and rave to so I had to settle with Cody who yes was very complementary but I was wanting a little more OHH and AHH which she will be getting from me saturday night, YIPPEE!! (sorry Boom I think that WAS a run on sentence, oh well!) Anyways I get a long weekend at home and I am soo excited!

I was back at work today and of course was greeted by my little Madison who yells across the room "Miss Haley I love your big purple purse!" Me-"Thank you Madison now finish your strawberries and bananas!" But I was helping some little boys put together some blocks and got my bad ex-broken fingers stepped on. It hurt! But then I counted my blessings that I had my fingers and I am able to use my right hand! I went back to the long weeks I had to shower, write, button my pants, brush my hair, open the door, so on and SO ON with my left hand. It was a miserable few weeks and a pretty penny after all said in done but I am THANKFUL to have all body parts up and running and no health issues (besides my coldsore that is stubborn and wont go away!) Take this time and count YOUR blessings and thank our Lord who have gave you those blessings!

Just a few random thoughts I had on my Monday. Here is to a great, fast week to all of you!!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Having A Moment

Today started off relatively well. I left Clearwater on time to be to at work on time and all was going great. Weather was good, I got home with out a GPS, and even had time to unload all my stuff. On the way home in Slyvia (my truck) I noticed I was kind of shaking but I blamed the wind and kept on truckin'. I got back to Ford Hall and was unloading my stuff to find a rim to cement tire, it was flat.....very, very flat! Wasn't the first time it has went flat on me. I preceded to walk around my truck to MUFFLER on the ground! I had a very flat tire and a now non attached muffler. Poor G parking lot heard all about it, I was very frustrated and might have raised my voice to calm myself down, remembering it WAS going to be a good Monday! I text dad in panic not knowing what to do, it's hard not having a dad close by to do the manly stuff for you! I borrowed Lacey's guy to air me up to at least make it to a tire shop, thanks Blake!! BUT nothing more to complain about or worry about until tomorrow, Slyvia is now recovering in G parking lot with a slow leaking tire and a muffler in the passenger seat, poor girl.

Happy Monday to all!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm A Hard Working Women

I pried myself out of bed this morning on such a gloomy day. It's hard enough for me to get out of bed on a regular basis but especially on a dark cloudy rainy morning! (I'm kinda sorta not really a morning person! I cherish ever bit of sleep I get) But knowing that Wednesday I don't have class and I got to play with preschoolers all day I found it a little more easier to get up and going! I got to Miss Elisabeth's (Just realized people spell Elisabeth with a "s" weird, I'm Haley Elizabeth with a "z"!) classroom today and was welcomed with BBQ rib smiling faces saying Good Morning Miss Haley! AHH I love those little monsters. I was particularly excited to see a little boy Ryan back in class today. He had been taken out for a few days, needless to say he has very rough back ground and is in and out of school often. Ryan's personality is very sweet and gentle, over uses "uh essxuses me's" and is very complimentary, "Miss Haley you smell sweet today."

Ryan Story (I may have more of these to come):
At the end of nap time today, which is my personal favorite because I get to lay by the kids, rest my eyes and pat their backs, Ryan was suddenly awaken saying "uhh Miss Haley, Miss Vonnie I think I peed my pants and cot." He is very unshy about this, go figure! He then followed up with "I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to." Such a sweet sweet boy, Miss Haley was very happy to see "Esxcussse Me" back at school today!

Moral of my post, I'm not a hard working women, I'm a hard PLAYING women! Who else is lucky enough to work in a preschool playing dress up, making icing and gramcracker snacks, and, dancing to "I'm So Special." You guessed it ME! Oh and I get paid for it...who knew!!

This is to BBQ smiles and potting little boys!

P.S. I finished my night with a wonderful Derb baked potato and cottage cheese! I was a happy girl!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Can Not Believe I Am Doing This!

So here it goes! By that I mean, mom and Lace correcting my word choice and spelling, by that I mean hearing, "Have you blogged today!" and by that I mean, I'm a horrible writer. Sooo yes, HERE IT GOES! I am mainly and strictly starting this blog for no reason whatsoever but to comment and interact with momma, Boom, Darb, Aunt J, and Aunt Les..and of course I have been suckered in then drawn to keeping up with some of my momma's favorites! I am a faithly reader to many different blogs, it is kind of like my morning routine.

10:45 open my eyes
10:50 roll over check phone, emails, facebook, blogs
11:00 text Emily (Texas floor mate) and head downstairs to the Derb (Dining Center)
11:30 shower and get ready to head to work, at a Preschool (I love it!)

I have decided if blogging is important enough to be in my daily routine then I will....(I can't believe it)...start a blog! So here is too hoping it last!